The Prosperous Life

At times, people come to Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton Metro in need. It is a normal thing to turn to one’s spiritual community when one is in need. We endeavor to help all congregants as well as the larger community of Edmonton, Alberta.

Around the globe, in many cultures it is taught that we should nurture that which we wish to grow. We learn to care for the land and the ocean and each other. A great spiral of compassion moves outward from the hearts of those upon the spiritual path, embracing their loved ones, friends, and eventually the entire community.

In agriculture we begin by planting the crops we wish to harvest and depending on the amount we wish to harvest we plant accordingly.

We must nourish our crops, while uprooting the weeds. In this way, we insure that the plants we wish to thrive, do so and the weeds do not.

Biblical support for the 10% tithe can be found throughout the Bible, but what does it really mean? And is it a true giving if give with resentment or fear?

Now please understand, our Centre and our teaching have prospered countless people abundantly in so many ways; in their spiritual growth, healthy ideas, loving relationships and financial abundance and prosperity. We give into the community with our time, talent and treasure and in order that we are able to provide these services and support to those who may in this moment need a hand up, it is important that we all share what we can in and with good grace.

Just as a farmer waters his fields and orchards during the times that water flows through the irrigation system so that the fields are healthy if there is a time of drought. We too must contribute to our community for it to maintain stability.

There are numerous expenses associated with ministry such as: rent, salaries, utilities, printing, equipment etc. These expenses are ongoing. We wish to continually grow to meet your needs now and in the coming years. It is our goal to support you with all of the spiritual tools necessary to live the high-quality life that Spirit intended you to live.

Will you go with a thimble, a bucket or a tanker to receive your good?

Join with us in the law of circulation. Let’s support each other in our ever expanding spiritual growth. We graciously receive the Divine flow of your financial support that allows us to continue to be here for you.

Please donate any amount you can. All donations are gratefully accepted. Click the ContributeĀ button to go to PayPal where you can pay with any credit card. Or set an amount for a recurring monthly donation and click the Donate button. A PayPal account is not required.

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